PRIEST: We celebrate today Jesus, the stone rejected by us, but accepted by the Father,  the source of our life.  We, the People of God, are His precious vineyard. We are beloved of God, nurtured and pruned and cared for by God – and we are  meant to bear the fruit of dedicated love and courageous mission.  But do we bear this Fruit? Let us begin our celebration by being mindful of the ways we need to change in order to produce the fruit of Christ’s love for the world

READER:                  For the times we have rejected others,
                                       for indeed we have rejected you…

                                                              LORD HAVE MERCY…

For the ways we fill our minds and hearts with the ignoble,
                                        the untruthful, the unloving and the impure

                                                              CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

For the ways we do not produce the fruits of Christ,
do not work for the Kingdom with generous love

                                                              LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:      May the God who never rejects us wrap us in His mercy
                        May our redeeming brother Jesus clothe us in His forgiveness;
                        May the Spirit of love heal us into the freedom to love;
                       and may our God bring us all to everlasting life


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