PRIEST:    Jesus comes into our lives and challenges us to renounce all sin and injustice,  all that oppresses us and our brothers and sisters;  Jesus asks us whether we are willing to build a Church of unity and love, a Church that throws open the door of God’s Mercy to the broken, sinful and chaotic;  whether we are truly prepared to follow Him, go to work in His Vineyard and serve His Kingdom with commitment and dedication. A special part of His Vineyard is the refugees camps of our world, all our asylum and refugee sisters and  brothers. Jesus’ challenge to us is to change the heart of our nations and our world that’s grown course and refuses to welcome these of our family.  It is the challenge He offers us today,  and at every Eucharist.  How do we answer the challenge of His love?

READER:            Let us renounce all sin in our lives and seek His forgiveness,
                                 that we may live in light

                                                             LORD HAVE MERCY …

Let us ask mercy for dividing the Church
                                 with our narrowness of mind and heart,
                                 with conflicts we will not resolve,
                                 with resentments we will not relinquish

                                                             CHRIST HAVE MERCY …

Let us be reconciled
                                 for the times we have not obeyed God’s will for us,
                                 when we have not answered the call to serve

                                                             LORD HAVE MERCY …

PRIEST:        May the God of forgiveness be merciful to our past,
                                 reconcile our present,
                                      and free us for a new beginning of faithfulness;
                          and so bring all our world to everlasting life…


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