Mass Times


SUNDAY:     PARISH MASS OF FEAST OF CHRIST THE KING with Celebration of Baptism at 10.00am (streamed on website)

MONDAY:     No Liturgy today  

TUESDAY: Adoration at 6.00pm      Mass at 6.30pm

WEDNESDAY:     Adoration at 6.00pm     Mass at 6.30pm

THURSDAY:     Feast of St Andrew, Apostle and patron saint of Scotland
                                Funeral Mass for Timothy Gorman RIP at 1.00pm

FRIDAY:      Feast of St Alexander Bryant (1556-81) & St Charles de Foucauld, Martyrs
                         Funeral Mass for Caroline Price RIP at 12.30pm (at St James Priory)

SATURDAY:    Adoration at 11.00am    Mass at 11.30am (Note change of time)
                                Sacrament of Reconciliation:   none today

TODAY: [1] We celebrate the Feast of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. As we conclude this Liturgical Year and prepare for Advent we celebrate the ‘Cosmic Christ’  who is the beginning of all creation and the the goal and fulfilment of all creation – the ‘Alpha’ and the ‘Omega’. Christ Jesus has a truly cosmic mission and cosmic presence – the Church as the Body of Christ shares this same cosmic mission. Let us expand our minds and hearts to embrace a Christ ‘bigger’ than the universe! Let us care for the Creation which is His evolving work and we are part of its evolution towards Christ Omega!
[2] It is Youth Sunday as we value and pray for our young people, seeking with them to build a Church that belongs to them and their world as much as to ours!

NEXT SUNDAY: [1]   We begin our Liturgical Year B (featuring Mark’s Gospel) on the First Sunday of Advent. We celebrate Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah, who challenges us to ‘stay awake’, and be watchful for his coming – on ‘the last day, the Day of our Lord Jesus Christ’. Advent is a season of repentance, seeking the `Lord to come with mercy, healing and purifying forgiveness. Let us cry out with the first Christians ‘Come Lord Jesus, come!’.
[2] It is also the Day of Prayer for migrants and refugees. There are some 120 million refugees and displaced people around the world, most of whom are being sheltered from danger by the poorest countries of the world – while we rich nations accept so few by comparison. The Church must stand prophetically saying ‘All are welcome here among us’, for we are a Universal (‘Catholic’) Church witnessing that all humanity is but one family and we are all sisters and brothers.
[3] There will be a Special Retiring Collection for the stricken people of Gaza, the money being channelled in Relief through CAFOD. The war has and is devastating the people and community in Gaza and the needs are huge! Please be as generous as you can.
[4]Mass with the Catholic Handicapped fellowship & the Catholic Deaf Association 3pm  

DIOCESAN PRAYER    The Diocese prays today for the Parishes in Communion for Mission of St Catharine, Frome and St Dominic, Mells, served by Canon Richard Dwyer, Deacon David Brinn, Parish Administrator Anna Pang and both their communities. Please also pray for (retired) Bishop Crispian Hollis who lives in St Dominic’s parish.

PRAY FOR THIS WEEK’S PARISH MINISTRY OR MISSION We pray for the ministry of the Ethiopian Orthodox Community that worships weekly in the Assisi Centre. It is a joy to share our premises with our ancient sister Church that traces its origin to the Acts of the Apostles. We pray too for peace in Ethiopia, with the conflict with the Tigray region.