Mass Times


SUNDAY:        PARISH MASS at 10.00am
                                           ADVENT PRAYER at 12.45pm
                              Catholic Deaf Association Signed Mass at 3.00pm

MONDAY:        Adoration  at 8.30am Service of Word and Communion at 9.00am

TUESDAY:    Adoration at 5.30pm   Evening Mass at 6.00pm followed by Scripture Group

WEDNESDAY:   Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe (apparition to Aztecs in Mexico 1531)
                                     Adoration at 6.30pm   Evening Mass at 7.00pm
                                     School Nativity Plays at 1.30pm and 5.30pm (Church) – all welcome!

THURSDAY:   Feast of St Lucy, Martyr (died 304)
                                Mass at 12 noon   Adoration  until 1.30pm

FRIDAY:         Feast of St John of the Cross, Mystic, Reforming Carmelite priest (1542-1591)
                             Adoration at 8.15am  Morning Prayer at 8.45am    Mass at 9.00am

SATURDAY:     Adoration at 11.30am     Mass at 12 noon
                                      Sacrament of Reconciliation:   after Mass and 4.30-5.00pm

TODAY    [1] The Second Sunday of Advent focuses on John the Baptist as the great Prophet who ‘prepares the way of the Lord’. Dwelling in the wilderness of prayerful waiting upon the Word, spoken into the heart and mind that is still and silent, John then emerges to call people to conversion of heart and life to make room for the long-awaited Messiah, the Christ, who comes to ‘wrap the cloak of the integrity of God around us’.
[2] Special Advent Prayer at approximately 12.45pm – we will pray for the Mission of the Church, both globally and in our parish community, as we invite others to meet the Lord.
[3] Mass for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired at 3.00pm – all welcome.
[4] Retiring Collection for our own parish SVP (Society of St Vincent de Paul)

NEXT SUNDAY    [1] The Third Sunday of Advent (traditionally named ‘Gaudete’ or ‘Rejoicing’ Sunday) celebrates with great joy the transforming presence of Jesus among us, the ‘Anointed One’ (the long-awaited ‘Christ’) who brings healing and new life into broken lives, broken communities and the deserts we have made of our world. He is recognised not because of His doctrine – but because of His action – may the same be true of the Church!
[2] Our Advent Prayer at 12.45pm is inspired by Pope Francis encyclical letter on Climate Change and Global Poverty (‘Laudato Si’) and St Francis of Assisi – his ‘Canticle of the Creatures’. It will take the form of ‘the Stations of Creation’.
[3] A second Retiring Collection for our parish SVP (Society of St Vincent de Paul)

DIOCESAN PRAYER  The Diocese prays for the Parishes in Communion for Mission of Our Lady of the Rosary, Lawrence Weston and St Bernard’s, Shirehampton, served by Fr Cosmas Ikirodah MSP, the Community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit and both parish communities.


Sunday             Baruch 5: 1-9 / Psalm 125 / Philippians 1: 3-6, 8-11 / Luke 3: 1-6
Monday            Isaiah 35: 1-10 / Psalm 84 / Luke 5: 17-26
Tuesday           Isaiah 40: 1-11 / Psalm 95 / Matthew 18: 12-14
Wednesday   Isaiah 40: 25-31 / Psalm 102 / Matthew 11: 28-30
Thursday        Isaiah 41: 13-20 /Psalm 144 / Matthew 11: 11-15
Friday               Isaiah 48: 17-19 / Psalm 1 / Matthew 11: 16-19
Saturday         Ecclesiasticus 48: 1-4, 9-11 / Psalm 79 / Matthew 17: 10-13