Mass Times

SUNDAY     PARISH MASS for the Peace of the World at 10.00 (live steamed: Parish Website)
                         Mass with the LBGTQ+ community & friends at 3.00pm (live steamed: Parish Website)
                        United Service for Christian Unity Week at 4.30pm (Parkway Methodist Church)

MONDAY:       Adoration at 5.30pm Service of Word and Communion at 6.00pm

              Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins

 TUESDAY:   Feast of St Anthony of Egypt, Abbot & ‘Desert Father’ (251-356)
                              Adoration at 6.00pm   Mass at 6.30pm

WEDNESDAY:    Feast of St Wulstan, last Saxon bishop in England (1008-1095)
                                     Prayer and Reflection at 10.00am (live-streamed on Face Book)
                                    Adoration at 6.00pm   Mass at 6.30pm (live steamed: Parish Website)

THURSDAY:   Adoration at 6.00pm   Mass at 6.30pm

FRIDAY:        Feast of St Agnes, Virgin and martyr (292-305)
                            Adoration at 8.30am           Mass at 9.00am

SATURDAY:    Adoration at 11.30am              Mass at 12.00 noon
                               Adoration & Evening Prayer at 5.30pm (live-streamed on Face Book)

               Sacrament of Reconciliation:  after mass and 4.00-4.30pm

 16/01/2022    [1] We celebrate on the Second Sunday of the Year [C] Jesus who transforms our lives, reveals the true face of God who is Love and calls us joyfully to serve so that the world can ‘taste and see the Lord is good’ – such is the ‘sign of power and glory’ He reveals at the Marriage Feast of Cana. God is betrothed to us His People in the gift of Jesus!
[2] Mass with the LBGTQ+ community and friends at 3.00pm
[3]      United Service Service for Christian Unity Week (Parkway Methodist Church) 4.30pm

23/01/2022 [1] With the Third Sunday of the Year Jesus reveals His ‘manifesto’,  His purpose and Mission – to bring the Liberation of humanity through the Loving power of the Holy Spirit. This our (the whole Church and each individually) purpose, our Mission, for we have been filled with the same Holy Spirit as Jesus, to continue His redeeming work.

DIOCESAN PRAYER    The Diocese prays for all University, College and School Chaplaincies and their vital work for our Young People, helping them ‘grow in all ways into Christ’

PRAY FOR THIS WEEK’S PARISH MINISTRY OR MISSION Pray God’s Blessing for our Flower Arranging Team – who weekly beautify our church and worship with the ‘flowers of the field’ & bring God’s creation into our Liturgy. Volunteers welcome contact Minette