Mass Times

SUNDAY: PARISH MASS with Liturgy of Child Catechumen at 10am (live steamed: Parish Website)

MONDAY:       Feast of St Aloysius Gonzaga, Jesuit (died serving the sick in 1591, aged 23)
                      Adoration at 5.30pm       Service of Word & Communion at 6.00pm

 TUESDAY:   Feast of St John Fisher, Bishop & St Thomas More, Politician, Martyrs (d. 1535)
                             Adoration at 6.00pm              Mass at 6.30pm

WEDNESDAY:    Prayer and Reflection at 10.00am (live-streamed on Face Book)
                                      Adoration at 6.00pm     Mass at 6.30pm (Live-streamed on Parish Website)

THURSDAY:    Feast of the Birth of St John the Baptist
                                 Adoration at 11.30am            Mass at 12 noon

FRIDAY:        Adoration at     Mass at 9.00am

SATURDAY:   Adoration at 11.00am    Mass at 12 noon
                            Evening Prayer & Adoration at 5.30pm (live-streamed on Parish Face Book)

             Sacrament of Reconciliation: after Mass & 4.00-4.30pm

TODAY [1] On the Twelfth Sunday of the Year we celebrate that Jesus, our Emmanuel, is always with us, in our midst guiding us through every storm of life. He is the source of our peace whenever we or the Church finds itself in troubled waters, in the eye of the storm. The world s going through such a storm at this time, both with Covid and even more with Climate Change – will we look to Jesus and the values of the Gospel to guide us through these storms to a better, more just world?
[2] We rejoice to welcome some children and families who are preparing for the baptism of their children. We are celebrating the Rite of Child Catechumen at 10.00am Mass
[3] Mass with our LBGTQ+ community, family and friends at 3.00pm – all are very welcome to share this Mass.

NEXT SUNDAY    [1] The Thirteenth Sunday of the Year Jesus the Healer – the one who touches our deepest needs for healing and wholeness.  He heals not only individuals in body, mind and spirit, but also heals social relationships, and challenges our cultural norms when they oppress and marginalise people. The healing of this woman and this young girl are just such challenges to the faith cultures of HIs people in His time – what is Jesus challenging  in our faith and cultures in our time? And do we have the courage to change?
[2] There will be the Annual Financial Statement to the parish at the end of Mass – reminding all of us our financial responsibility for the Mission of the Church in our parish – the Mission to be ‘Good News to the Poor’.   

DIOCESAN PRAYER    Today the Diocese prays for the parishes in Communion for Mission of The Immaculate Conception with Ss Dunstan and Anthony, Yatton, St Francis of Assisi, Nailsea, and St Joseph’s, Portishead, served by Fr Reg Gray OFM, Fr Anthony Collins OFM, Fr Antoine Baya OFM, Fr Richard Elson, Deacons John Woodcock, Mario Kossman,  Paul Reddington, Ivan Reynolds, Didier Delaplace, and all their communities.

PRAY FOR THIS WEEK’S PARISH MINISTRY OR MISSION This week, pray God’s Blessing for the Mission of Parish School of St Nicholas of Tolentino. We pray for our Head and the whole staff team, as well as the families and children who are part of the school community. Covid restrictions for the past 15 months has meant that there has been little opportunity to deepen our links with the school – as we emerge from Covid let us work and pray together to bring school and church much closer together in the service fo the Church’s Mission of Education especially in more deprived areas such as ours. 

Sunday            Job 38: 1, 8-11 / Psalm 106 / 2 Corinthians 5: 14-17 / Mark 4: 35-41
Monday           Genesis 12: 1-9 / Psalm 32 / Matthew 7: 1-5
Tuesday          2 Maccabees 6: 18, 21, 24-31 / Psalm 30 / Matthew 24: 4-13
Wednesday   Genesis 15: 1-12, 17-18 / Psalm 104 / Matthew 7: 15-20
Thursday        Isaiah 49: 1-6 / Psalm 138 / Acts of the Apostles 13: 22-26 / Luke 1: 57-66, 80
Friday               Genesis 17: 1, 9-10, 15-22 / Psalm 127  / Matthew 8: 1-4
Saturday        Genesis 18: 1-15 / Responsorial Luke 1 / Matthew 8: 5-17