Highlights of the Week

Below are a few interesting news items from this week’s Bulletin.  To download the full version of our latest Bulletin,  please go to our Bulletin pageThank you.


The One God Who is Three? Sounds absurd! A God Who is Lover, Beloved and the Love between? A God Who is Creator, Redeemer and Life Giver? A God Who is Life Giver, Pain Bearer, Love Maker? Never a God Who is alone, lonely, isolated, but always a God Who is community, relationship, Love!

How could God be love (and not just ‘do’ love?) without being a network of loving relationships, love’s eternal energy flowing between Abba, Father, Who is only in loving the Son, Who is only in being loved by the Father, and that shared love, that mutual eternal and infinitely creative gaze being the Holy Spirit – the fire and breath of their Loving from before all time.

And we are created in this God’s image and likeness – to be whole and human only in relationship, in loving. We are incomplete without reaching out in love to the other: each other and the Divine Other.

EMMAUS GROUP – A NEW INITIATIVE IN ST NICKS We have a new support group starting in the parish on Tuesday 2nd July at 7pm in the New Room. The group will run at the same time every Tuesday of the year and offers a safe place for people to come and talk about the issues which are affecting them and listen to others. The group will support those with low mood, lack of self-esteem and anxiety as well as those struggling with, for example, bereavement, isolation, guilt, serious illness and relationship issues. Confidentiality is assured. For more information contact Robert on 07767 706 163 or robertvh@hotmail.co.uk. Or, just come along.

PARISH FOOD BANK NEEDS! The cupboard is running low for some non-perishable  items: tins of meat, tuna and other fish, fruit, custard, baked beans and other vegetables; also packet soups, 1 litre bottles of cooking oil, long-life milk cartons, bottles of juices and cans of Coca Cola etc. WHAT WE DO NOT NEED AT THE MOMENT!! pasta, rice, tins of soup, cereals. Thank you for supporting our foodbank – a life-line to so many.

MONTHLY DAY OF ADORATION    It is a very special grace for our parish community, empowering our mission, that we can hold ON THE FIRST MODAY OF THE MONTH (except for Bank Holidays when Second Sunday) these ‘Days of Adoration’. Thank you to all who have been able to commit themselves ‘to watch one hour’ with Him in the Blessed Sacrament. It is vital that we know that two people will be there for each hour of Adoration through the day. And of course all are invited to come for a while for the quiet prayer of Adoration at any time from 10am to 4.00pm – just drop in … to the silence of God’s loving! It is certainly our hope eventually to extend this to a weekly Day of Adoration.

DIOCESAN DAY FOR THE YEAR OF PRAYER All our diocesan family are invited to gather with our bishop at St Brendans College on Saturday 6th July, beginning 9.45am and concluding (after Mass) at 4.15pm. There will be many workshops exploring different aspects of prayer as the energy for mission and witness to Christ. PLEASE COME!

DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE TO GLASTONBURY – Sunday July 14th There will be one coach ordered for parishioners wishing to be part of this annual pilgrimage in honour of Mary and the Martyrs of Glastonbury. It leave after our morning Mass about 12 noon. Because the cost to the parish of such a coach is £500, we are asking a deposit from each person/family to secure seats. Seats will be reserved on receipt of the deposit. We cannot afford to sustain the losses of previous years or book coaches that are near empty. If we book seats it is so important that we do come otherwise you might be depriving someone else. Those who cannot afford the cost of seats, please see Richard – we do not want anyone deprived of the opportunity to share this great Diocesan event. More information later!

SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST IMMIGRATION DETENTION   I shared at the Catholic Migrant Forum meeting recently our & Borderlands’ concerns and experience in supporting parishioners who have been detained. Bishop Paul McAleenan, Bishop with Responsibility for Migrants has been taking action on this, including writing to a number of MPs asking them to support the introduction of a time limit on immigration detention, and following up on this he has created an e-action which helps people write to their MPs on this issue, which you can access at http://www.catholicnews.org.uk/immigration-detention – you can also see the accompanying press release at http://www.catholicnews.org.uk/Home/News/Immigration-Detention . This follows a number of visits to centres made by Bishop Paul as well as public interventions on this issue, and conversations with the different chaplains to centres & other organisations who support people in detention. Please everyone, write to your MPs – at this time 85 MPs have backed an amendment to the Immigration and Social Security Bill (you can see the list of MPs who have supported it here). It would also be really useful to hear about the experiences you are seeing so they can inform the interventions Bishop Paul makes.

DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE TO LOURDES 2019 Mary, Mother of God, invites you to come on pilgrimage to the shrine of Lourdes in France for a week of prayer, friendship, fun and community. August 23rd to 30th.For further information, tel: 01179025590 or email: lourdes@cliftondiocese.com Pilgrimage Director  Deacon Paul Thompson, led by Bp Declan

The teenager Greta Thunberg said: “It is still not too late to act. It will take a far-reaching vision, it will take courage, it will take fierce, fierce determination to act now, to lay the foundations where we may not know all the details about how to shape the ceiling. In other words, it will take cathedral thinking. I ask you to please wake up and make change possible.”
David Attenborough said “ We need to fall in love again with the earth”
Pope Francis said “ God of Love, show us our place in this world as channels of your love for all the creatures of this earth” and “teach us to care for our common home.”
Our children and young people took to the streets of Bristol to demonstrate and challenge our generation to not just speak, BUT ALSO TO ACT – DECISIVELY – NOW!

CALLING ALL EU (European Union) CITIZENS – ALL WHO HAVE EU PASSPORTS    At a meeting in London this past week of Catholic Migrant Officers (and European national chaplains) from around England and Wales (sponsored by the Bishops’ Conference), we examined the arrangements for all EU citizens (those holding EU passports, including their children born in UK) after ‘Brexit’. Although clearly there is now doubt about ‘Brexit’, nevertheless it is vitally important that those concerned (which includes for instance people from Latin America holding Spanish passport and from Angola, East Timor etc holding Portuguese passports) understand the steps they need to take if they wish to remain in UK after 31st December 2020. It is relatively simple in most cases, but you must apply to the ‘EU Settlement Scheme’ from April 2019 and before end of June 2021. We are going to explore how our parish community can support our sisters and brothers in applying for Permanent Settled Status. Meanwhile, for more information visit:  www.gov.uk/eu-settled-status

ARE YOU STRUGGLING AFTER AN ABORTION EXPERIENCE?  Do you know where to turn – who could help you? I hope as a parish community we are open and caring and healing in a way that you could entrust your pain to us. But also (and very importantly) there is an organisation that could help you – British Victims of Abortion. Call them on their helpline 0845-603-8501 between 7pm and 10pm seven evenings a week.

DO YOU LOOK AFTER SOMEONE? Help from ‘Carers Support Centre’ More and more people are looking after someone – because of ageing, dementia, disability of one kind or another. They can feel very isolated and unsupported. If this affects you in any way, please see the posters and leaflets in the church porch from ‘carerstrust’ – helpline: 01179652200; email carersline@carerssupportcentre.org.uk  or visit their website www.carerssupportcentre.org.uk – and also let us know how we as a parish community can help.

SCRIPTURE SHARING GROUP I would like to encourage regular participation in this group so that we can deepen our love for and understanding of the Sacred Scriptures. It would be ideal for all Lay Readers and Lay Ministers of the Eucharist, as well as Children’s Liturgy leaders. In this Year 170 this would be an excellent way of sharing together and deepening our faith, rooted in the Bible. In the Diocesan Year of Prayer – come and discover the Bible as our first and greatest ‘prayer book’! Every Tuesday after 6.00pm Mass.