PRIEST:    On this Home Mission Sunday, Jesus challenges us to  be a community of endless forgiveness, ever opening the gates of mercy to all peoples. For His Gospel is news of limitless forgiveness. Broken, hurting and embittered people need to know a community that will go the extra mile to understand and forgive, before they will discover a God they need never fear. Does our forgiveness of each other and ourselves speak the love of Christ to others? Do we open the gates of mercy to another?

READER:     When we deprive another of freedom by withholding forgiveness;
                           when we are held captive by an unbending and unforgiving heart

                                                 LORD HAVE MERCY …

When we are slow to forgive those who have hurt us,
slow to forgive ourselves our weakness and failure,
when our parish fails to be a place of reconciliation
and therefore fails to be a place of evangelisation

                                                 CHRIST HAVE MERCY …

Because your mercy is endless,  your love is healing,
your Gospel is Good News of New Beginnings for everyone

                                                 LORD HAVE MERCY …

PRIEST:         May the God of Forgiveness embrace us in mercy,
                           and send us to our nation as bearers of reconciliation,
                                           healing and hope,
                           offering to all the Good News of everlasting life


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