PRIEST:    Today, the Word of God presents us with the vision of a community centred upon the Christ who is alive among us … a community that takes seriously the call to holiness:   and takes equally seriously the fact that each of us are responsible in some measure for each other’s growth and development.  We are given to one another to encourage each other on the path of holiness and Christian maturity. We are part of one another’s gradual conversion to Christ. Today this involves what Pope Francis calls our ‘eco-conversion’, conversion to communion with our common Home the Planet Earth. Let us reflect on whether we accept such responsibility to help and challenge one another to hear the cry of the Earth, the Cry of the Poor – and to act!

READER:     For the ways we stunt one another’s growth
by our resentments and unforgiveness,
                          by our lack of caring and concern,
                          by keeping ourselves to ourselves

                                                LORD HAVE MERCY … 

For every refusal to love our neighbour as our self,
for being selective about who our neighbour might be;
for our neglect of our responsibility for the earth,
                          for our environment and for the poor of our ‘common home’

                                                CHRIST HAVE MERCY … 

For refusing others when they seek to help us, guide us,
encourage us or correct us

                                                LORD HAVE MERCY … 


PRIEST:        May the God of all love and compassion accept us as we are,
                                    forgive us our every failure
                                          and lead us forward by His Spirit
                                                  to growth and holiness,
                            bringing us to everlasting life…


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