PRIEST      On this Home Mission Sunday we have the joy of celebrating the forgiving heart of God. The great parable of the Prodigal Son is given only in Luke’s Gospel – the Evangelist of Mercy.  But this parable carries insight into the very heart of God, a heart constantly open to forgive us no matter what, a heart ever on the watch for our homecoming, ever straining and yearning to see our return. This Gospel inspires us to be a community of God’s heart, always seeking out the lost and bringing them home to their Father and our Father! Let us then open our hearts not only to receive His mercy, but also to offer this great mercy and forgiveness to those who have hurt us. 

READER         When we do not trust the constant forgiveness of God,
When we doubt His unconditional acceptance of us

                                                     LORD HAVE MERCY

                              When we will not forgive others who have us hurt,
When we will not fling wide open the gates of God’s Mercy
When we are not Ambassadors of Reconciliation

                                                     CHRIST HAVE MERCY

When despite the forgiveness God freely gives us
we will not forgive ourselves
When we cling onto guilt and refuse to be healed 

                                                     LORD HAVE MERCY

PRIEST        May the God who is Prodigal in His Mercy forgive us
                         May Jesus, the Elder Brother, carry us home to our Father;
                         May the Holy Spirit grant us the Joy of being reconciled
                                              And bring all the world to everlasting life


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