PRIEST:      Our world is divided between rich and poor, have’s and have-not’s, the Dives’ and Lazarus’s of today … and the gap is getting wider by the month! But Jesus has a different vision of the world – where the poor are the important ones, and the rich beg from them. He called this vision the Kingdom. It is our mission to transform the world into the Kingdom, and so we are challenged to express God’s option for the Poor. Let us reflect upon how far away we are from the values of Jesus who chose the world of the poor…

READER:                  For the ways we are possessive of what we have,
                                       and too often refuse to share with those who have so little…

                                                                 LORD HAVE MERCY

                                       For the ways our need for security makes us blind and insensitive
                                       to so much desperate need around us and in our world…

                                                                 CHRIST HAVE MERCY

                                       For a world that denies most of our brothers and sisters
                                       the right to food, to shelter, to work, to health…

                                                                 LORD HAVE MERCY

PRIEST:          May God the Father and Mother of all life forgive us;
                            May Jesus the Universal Brother open our hearts
                                             to heal of the world of poverty;
                            May the Holy Spirit renew the face of the Earth,
                                             beginning with our own lives
                            and lead all the earth to everlasting life…


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