27th Sunday of the Year C

PRIEST:    Today, God’s Word speaks to us about stirring up the faith that the Spirit gives us, so that we may offer more dedicated service to the Kingdom of God. Pope Francis has  called us to be a more humble Church. Today the Gospel reminds us that we are but humble servants of God’s Kingdom,  not its possessors. We are also challenged to fan into a flame the Spirit that is never timid! Let us now celebrate our faith in the Lord’s compassion and forgiveness for all our weakness.

READER:       When our faith is weak, and crumbles before the challenge of tragedy,
                            thank you for understanding and forgiving us

                                                          LORD HAVE MERCY…

When we allow the flame of the Spirit to grow dim in our hearts,
your reconciling touch stirs Your Fire of love once more
                            and we can witness again to you

                                                          CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

When we weary of the call to generous service,
                            and seek the shallow comfort of selfishness,
your mercy strengthens us once more
                            to find our joy in being your servants

                                                          LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:     Father, we rejoice in your mercy which is endless;
                       Jesus, we thank you for redeeming us by your Blood on the Cross;
                       Holy Spirit, we praise you that you are reconciling love
                                   poured into our hearts
                       bringing us to everlasting life…


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