PRIEST Jesus had to go,  had to leave us:  for out of his agony and his Resurrection flowed streams of living water – the life-giving Spirit that would guide the Church to new adventures, a new and radical openness to new peoples. The many gates, always open in the walls of the New Jerusalem is a challenge for the Church to be a place of welcome to all peoples in every kind of diversity. And the Holy Spirit is the power of love within that can build a different world. That Spirit will give us peace when the world says we should be in turmoil. That Spirit will heal divisions when the world says we cannot live as one.  If we make Jesus’ word of love our home,  then the Spirit can do the impossible among us.

READER:           When we do not root our lives in the Word,
                                 when the Word that is love is not our home

                                                              LORD HAVE MERCY

For the times we do not rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us,
                                 to heal us,  to cross boundaries of misunderstanding

                                                              CHRIST HAVE MERCY

When we do not hold each other in reverence and caring,
                                 when we cause needless distress
                                 rather than offer life-giving peace

                                                              LORD HAVE MERCY

PRIEST:       May the God of Peace hold us in the palm of his hand
                                     and bring us forgiveness;
                         may Jesus the living Word of Divine Love
make his home within us 
by his mercy;
                         may the Spirit,  the Advocate,  plead compassion for us,
                                    and heal all divisions among God’s people;
                         and bring us all to everlasting life…


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