Fifth Sunday of Easter Year C

PRIEST:     We are called to be witnesses of the Resurrection – the love we bear one another will be the greatest witness.  This is the love that will create a new heaven and a new earth, this is the love that will put fresh heart into despairing people.  In the end nothing else matters, because nothing else is as divine as love.  Let us repent of every lack of love…

READER:       When we have not loved by listening, supporting, encouraging,
and sharing another’s pain… 

                                                               LORD HAVE MERCY …

When we have not loved by struggling for justice, caring for the earth,
                             standing with the poor and the excluded, suffering for the kingdom

                                                               CHRIST HAVE MERCY …

When we have not loved by praying, speaking the name of Jesus,
                             sharing our faith, telling the Good News

                                                               LORD HAVE MERCY …

PRIEST:            May the God of endless love embrace us with mercy;
                              may our Saviour and Brother touch our wounds
                                                with compassion and forgiveness;
                              may the Spirit of divine fire enflame our cold apathy,
                                                 and bring us all to everlasting life


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