PRIEST:    Jesus comes among us, to offer the Water of New Life to all the peoples of the world.  He calls us to drink deeply of His Spirit and come to a new beginning. It is fitting that today we welcome especially our elected Catechumens to receive the gift of Faith expressed in handing on the Creed of the Church to them, as they prepare for Easter Sacraments. As with the Samaritan woman of today’s Gospel, so with us – he knows us through and through! Being the Face of the Father’s mercy’ He reaches out to the most excluded and scorned! Let us all with honesty recognise when we judge and so exclude others from our hearts, bring our need for repentance and forgiveness to Him, and then drink of His mercy and His Spirit.

READER:   When we take God’s presence and love for us so much for granted,
                         neglect to pray, to drink from His well…

                                                      LORD HAVE MERCY

When we neglect the mission of Christ locally or globally,
when we do not give the water of the Holy Spirit
                        to those around us thirsting for meaning and healing in their lives…

                                                      CHRIST HAVE MERCY

When we do not want to know God’s will for us,
                        do not want our plans disturbed by another’s need…

                                                      LORD HAVE MERCY

PRIEST:     May the all-loving Father draw us to himself,
                       May His Redeeming Son, our brother Jesus, give us to drink
of His mercy,
                      May the Holy Spirit be water of Life to forgive, cleanse and heal us,
                                        and may we all come to everlasting life…


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