PRIEST: Fifty days ago we celebrated Jesus’ Resurrection – now we celebrate the Power of Resurrection set free to transform the world! Today is not only the birthday of the Church in a ferment of Praise and Mission, it is also the beginnings of a New World, a New Creation, for through the Church and beyond it, the Spirit is recreating the face of the earth!  On this Pentecost day, this day of the Spirit bringing the Church to a new beginning, let us welcome, through the Global Synod we are all engaged in, the Spirit’s mighty wind and love’s fire into our lives and our community so that through forgiveness we will ever grow in holiness.

READER:                The Holy Spirit comes as a mighty wind!
For our fears and timidity, our lack of courage,
                                     in witnessing to Jesus and speaking out Gospel Justice! 

                                                                    LORD HAVE MERCY…

The Holy Spirit comes as flames of fire, fire of Love!
For every denial of love that starves the world of hope;
For every division between Christians that hides the face of Christ

                                                                    CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

The Holy Spirit gives us a new language of faith and praise!
That we might ever speak the language of mercy and forgiveness
Healing and hope to our broken but beautiful world 

                                                                    LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:         May the Father set us free to be Children of God;
                           may Jesus enthroned in Glory pour out upon us the Spirit of Love and Mercy;
                           may the Holy Spirit rush through our lives to lead us to new beginnings
                           and bring all the Creation to everlasting life