PRIEST:    We celebrate God’s great generosity in sowing so liberally the seed of His Word into our world and into our hearts.  He challenges us to be open soil,  prepared and receptive to welcome the Divine Gift of the Word that is Life.  He further challenges us to become new sowers of the seed of the Word in the field of today’s world.  Let us reflect on our openness to receiving the Word,  and our generosity in sowing the Word.

READER:     For the times we are hard ground,  unyielding and resistant
                          to the Word of God for today’s world,
                          closed to God’s new vision for today’s Church

                                                   LORD HAVE MERCY…

For the times we are shallow soil,  with hollow commitment
                          easily defeated by difficulty and suffering

                                                   CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

For humanity’s sowing of seeds of exploitation and destruction
                          into the soil of our ‘common home’, the Earth;
for causing Global Warming and not acting decisively to heal our planet

                                                   LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:       May the Father speak His Word
                         of unconditional forgiveness to our hearts;
                         May Jesus the Word set us free for generous love;
                         May the Spirit utter the Word of God’s freedom deep within our being;
                         and bring all Creation  to everlasting life


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