Feast of the Holy & Undivided Trinity

PRIEST: Having for months celebrated the great actions of God in Christ that bring us salvation and life, today we celebrate the being of God: not what God does, but Who God is! Today is a day for gazing with wonder, a day to contemplate the mystery of God Who is Love – always Love, never other than Love! And each one of us, without exception are made in the image and likeness of this God. Today we celebrate that there is such diversity in identity, creating such a profound harmony. So we celebrate who we truly are and all that God wants us to become – a freedom for Love … like God! And yet we know we are not such love! Let us ask for mercy …

READER:             Father, you so loved the world You sent Your Only Son
not to condemn, but to save and to give Life:
Confidently we cry out to you ….  

                                                   LORD HAVE MERCY…

Eternal Word and Son, made flesh in the womb of Mary,
You came home into our humanity to set love free within us:
Confidently we cry out to you ….  

                                                   CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

Holy Spirit, love shared between the Father and the Son,
You are poured out into our hearts,
                                    You flow through our lives into the world to renew the face of the earth
Confidently we cry out to you ….   

                                                      LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:           May the God whose best name is Love …
                             Be the Father who forgives us, the Brother who redeems us,
                             and the Loving Holy Spirit who gives us a new heart,
                             bringing us and all creation to everlasting life


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