FEAST OF PENTECOST – Fruits of the Spirit


The Scripture says ‘Love is always patient and kind’

O God our Father, may we always be filled with the Spirit of Love. Help us love one another as Jesus loved us. May it be our joy to share your love with all the world, healing every wound and reconciling every division. May this Spirit of Love and Wisdom of Your Kingdom guide our Pope, Francis, and our Bishop, Declan

sung response: Veni Sancte Spiritus [x2]


        The Scripture says ‘…that your joy be complete’

O God our Life-Giver, may the Spirit of Joy be with us always, that joy promised by Jesus to all who follow his Way, that our witness to the Good News may be ever joyful; we pray particularly for all saddened by bereavement, grief, terminal illness or turmoil at this time  – may their sadness be turned to joy by your healing love

sung response: Veni Sancte Spiritus [x2]

[3] THE SPIRIT BRINGS PEACE: The Scripture says ‘My Peace I give you…’

O God the wellspring of our Peace, may the Peace of Christ which surpasses all understanding always be in our hearts, and everywhere in all the world. We pray especially for peace in lands where there is conflict and war – in particular for Ukraine, Sudan, the Holy Land, Syria, Yemen, Mali and the Cameroon 

sung response: Veni Sancte Spiritus [x2]


    The Scripture says ‘We wait for what we do not see in patience’

O God ever patient in waiting upon us, grant us to know when to be patient and long-suffering, and when to share your impatience and love’s anger in the struggles against injustice; may your Spirit teach us right patience as we wait upon your touch, and grant us a patient heart for those we find it hard to love or who have hurt us


      The Scripture says ‘Be kind and tender-hearted to one another’

O God who lavishes us with tender kindness, grant us that Spirit of Kindness that will be ever understanding and forgiving after the example of Jesus who befriended all and forgave without limit, to disciples who betrayed, denied and deserted Him, and to those who nailed him upon the Cross: may kindness be the character of our service, especially in the ministries of Borderlands, the Foodbank and the Parish Office

sung response: Veni Sancte Spiritus [x2]


    The Scripture says ‘Goodness and kindness shall follow me always’

O God of all Goodness, we praise you for your everlasting goodness towards all humanity and our creation. Grant us by your Spirit a hunger for all that is good, gratitude for the goodness in every person and every faith and a heart that listens to the cry of the poor and the cry of the Earth … may your Spirit empower us with action to heal our planet, our ‘common home’ assuring true justice the world’s poor

sung response: Veni Sancte Spiritus [x2]


        The Scripture says ‘Trust in God and trust in me…’

O God who never leaves us, may your Spirit work in our hearts to bring us to the place of such trust that we will lovingly abandon ourselves into your hands, and offer the gift of trust to one another – may we never disappoint another’s trust in us

sung response: Veni Sancte Spiritus [x2]


The Scripture says ‘Happy the Gentle, they shall inherit the earth!’

O God of all gentleness, the world is too full of those who act violently and hurt others, even unknowingly. May your Spirit lead us along the paths of gentleness so that you might heal the aggression in our hearts, and by your Spirit’s power we might heal the aggression that wounds our world

sung response: Veni Sancte Spiritus [x2]


 The Scripture says  ‘The Spirit is not timidity, but power, love and self-control’

O God who orders all things for our good and growth, may your Spirit grow in us the self-control that frees spontaneity and freshness in our lives and communities, while enabling us to discern all that will hurt another or ourselves – may we embrace love’s discipline in order to liberate love in each other

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