PRIEST:     We have hardly begun our Lenten journey,  yet we are given a glimpse of the glory to come:  the glory Abraham beheld at the moment of covenant;  Jesus clothed in the glory of God on the mountain of the Transfiguration.  That vision will give him the courage to embrace the Cross that he sees lying ahead of him;  that vision will enable the apostles to hold on in the dark days of Calvary.  At this time of war in Europe, holding tis vision is even more important as we pray for all who are enduring the brutality of war. In our darkest moments God gives us enough light to guide our steps and encourage our faltering hearts.  But do we trust him?

READER:            ‘As he prayed,  his face was changed…’
For the times we have said no to prayer,
                                  or have resisted the call to deeper prayer
and instead settled for superficial words…

                                                   LORD HAVE MERCY…

‘Master,  it is wonderful for us to be here:  let us build three tents…’
                                 For wanting to stay in the place of our comfort,
                                 avoiding the disturbing Gospel,
for not recognising the Glory of God in every person,
especially the world’s victims

                                                   CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

‘This is my Son,  the Chosen One.  Listen to him.’
For not centring our lives upon Jesus our Redeemer,
for not listening to His Word in Scripture
and in the stillness of our hearts…

                                                   LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:            May the God of all Glory transfigure our every failure  by the gift of his mercy;
                             may the Transfigured Christ embrace the sins of our wounded-ness and liberate us for Glory;
                            may the Spirit of God’s presence ever abide with us to empower us to reconcile with love;
                            and bring our world to the Glory of everlasting life


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