PRIEST:           Jesus is the True Bread of God,  for comes to give life to all our world.  He breaks bread with us,  so that we too become a fragment of the Bread of God,  as we say ‘yes’ to living and loving in order to give life to our hungry world.  Do our families give life to those outside our own circle?  Do we play our part in helping our parish give life,  hope,  peace and new beginnings to those among whom we live and serve?

READER:                 Jesus is the Bread of Truth that sets free:
                                       forgive us when we enslave each other in criticism;
                                       when we fail to value each other as God values us…

                                                          LORD HAVE MERCY…

Jesus is the Bread of Mercy that gives new life:
forgive us when we are not merciful,
                                       when we resist giving or receiving forgiveness,
                                       and so deny life to ourselves and others…

                                                           CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

Jesus is the Bread of Life that satisfies our deepest hunger:
                                      forgive us when we refuse to share equally
                                      the world’s rich resources,
                                     when we close  our hearts to the cries of the hungry
                                     and impoverished of our earth

                                                          LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:           May the God of Life meet our hunger for forgiveness;
                             may Jesus be Bread of compassion and healing in the midst
                             of  the wounds our sins inflict;
                             may the Holy Spirit draw us to ever deeper unity,
                             so that we might bring all the  world to everlasting life…

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