Fifteenth Sunday of the Year B

PRIEST:  Today we gather to celebrate the richness of the Grace of God – we are all chosen from before all time, and then trusted by Jesus as he sends us like he sent the Apostles. This is perhaps the most prophetic action of God … to place his Gospel in our frail keeping,  vulnerable to our fragile witness.  Without exception everyone of us is empowered by the Grace of God to be his prophets, to reach out into our world and communities with his power to change and to heal, to challenge and to convert.  Are we prepared to open wide our lives to such rich Grace of God! to answer his calling with a single-minded love?  What in our lives hides the life-giving Gospel of Jesus from others?

READER:             For being ready to receive from the Church
                                 but  not to give of our time and energy,  skills and gifts
in the service of the Gospel…

                                                               LORD HAVE MERCY ….

For remaining silent when we should speak out
                                against injustice, discrimination, inequality
and every false value which damages our world…

                                                               CHRIST HAVE MERCY ….

When we do not accept the wounded and broken;
                                for any judgements and criticisms we harbour in our hearts
that wounds rather than heals…

                                                               LORD HAVE MERCY ….

PRIEST:              May the God of endless mercy forgive and purify our hearts;
                                may Jesus our Redeemer pardon us and send us
                                        to our world as bearers of reconciling love;
                                may the Spirit heal us into God’s peace and
                                        inflame us with the prophets courage,
                                that we might bring all to everlasting life…


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