FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER – Good Shepherd Sunday

PRIEST:  Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd – as the Flock of Christ we know we are safe and nurtured when we listen to His Voice, follow Him and walk His pathways of New Life. He is the Good Shepherd who calls to us, speaks to our heart. He also lays down his life for his sheep – for us. We discover our true life with him, as he challenges us to live our own particular vocation.  Indeed we all share the vocation to live for others, to be witnesses to the glorious truth of Christ, bearers of His transforming love to our world. We now pause to examine how well we have answered our special vocation.

READER:       not making space in our busy lives and noisy hearts
                             to listen to the voice of the Shepherd

                                                  LORD HAVE MERCY…

                            For listening to the voices of ambition and selfishness,
                            the voices of security and safe-options,
                            and not following the Shepherd where he leads us

                                                  CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

                           For when we leave the work of serving our community to others,
                           and do not play our part in building the Church or the Kingdom –
                           for the times we are not being a  shepherd to each other

                                                  LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:     May the God who calls us into life, forgive us;
                       May our Redeemer and Shepherd, Jesus,
                                   free us with his mercy;
                      May the Holy Spirit empower us to give of ourselves          with generosity
                      and so find everlasting life…


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