PRIEST:  On this Octave Day of easter we hear in the Gospel a story of doubt that becomes magnificent faith;  a story of wounds that breath peace and healing;  a story of frightened empty men who become courageous in the Holy Spirit;  a story of a community witnessing the Risen Christ.  It is the story not only of the apostles, but also of each one of us;  not only the early Church,  but the Church of every age and land – the story of our own parish.  Let us welcome the Risen Jesus among us to transform us and our community – that we might be life-givers.

READER:             We give thanks for God’s mercy, flowing from the Father’s love
for He has brought us from doubt to deeper faith

                                                       LORD HAVE MERCY…

                                   We give thanks for God’s mercy, made flesh in Jesus the Crucified
for his wounds are our peace

                                                       CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

                                 We give thanks for God’s mercy, breathed into us by the Holy Spirit
for he has filled our emptiness
                                and sent us as bearers of reconciling love

                                                       LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:           May God our creator give us the peace of his forgiveness;
                            may the Risen Jesus heal our wounds and transform our weak love;
                           may the Spirit breathe new courage and deeper faith,
                           reconciling us to everlasting life…


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