PRIEST:  Jesus came to abolish that Law which limits our love. But he brought us a law at once  more human and more demanding: the law of limitless love.  And this Law is always on the side of the poor, the victim, the stranger, the dispossessed.  Today we celebrate the gift of that Law of Christ that does not stifle, but rather gives life; that Law that does not condemn or imprison,  but rather sets free and releases our potential for love.  Let us reflect a moment on the quality of our obedience to His Law of Love, our response to His Gift of Love.

READER:         To love God with our whole being:
                               when we allocate God a small place in our busy lives,
instead of shaping our lives around Him

                                                    LORD HAVE MERCY…

                               To love our neighbour with generosity:
                               when we live selfishly,  turned in on ourselves,
                               resenting the call to care for others

                                                    LORD HAVE MERCY…

                               To love our own self with acceptance and understanding:
                               when we disregard our real needs, and fail to forgive ourselves

                                                    LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:          May the God of limitless Love speak his Mercy to our hearts,
                                    set us free with his forgiveness,
                                          release the freedom of His Love in our lives
                                                   and bring us all to everlasting life…


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