PRIEST:  On this World Mission Sunday we celebrate today that we are a People who belong at once to God and to our world. But we are in the world as God’s People, a People of Hope, a People of Mission, disciples who bear the image of the Christ and who challenge every Caesar of our world, including the petty Caesars within our own hearts. We are called to live in the world as a People who reflect God’s love,  God’s values of justice, to build a new social order and a sustainable planet. Our Mission is to construct ‘the Civilisation of Love’ with the Good News of God’s immense love for all people.  Let us pause to reflect on the quality of our response to God’s call.

READER:        Jesus says today, ‘Render to Caesar’ …
                             when we fail to challenge the powerful when they need challenging;
when we fail to get involved building a more just and equal society

                                              LORD HAVE MERCY …

                             Jesus says today,  ‘Render to God’ …
                             when we fail to offer the Good News of His Limitless love
                             to the people among whom we live,  with whom we work

                                              CHRIST HAVE MERCY …

                              Jesus says everyday,  ‘Come follow me…’
                              when we give little priority in our lives
                              to serving the Kingdom of God and the call to Mission,  

                                              LORD HAVE MERCY …

PRIEST:       May the God who calls us,  embrace us with mercy;
                         May Jesus who sends us to the world heal and forgive us;
                         May the Holy Spirit empower us to be bearers of reconciling love,
                         and so bring to all the world,  everlasting life…


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