PRIEST:   Today Jesus asks Peter – and each of us – a vital question: ‘Who do you say I am?’ We then hear of Peter’s great act of faith in Jesus,  and Jesus greater act of faith in his weak, impetuous but loving disciple.  Let us today celebrate who Jesus is for each of us, and for the Church. Let us ask forgiveness when we do not stand on the rock of faith,  when we do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord.

READER:      Help us when we find it hard to believe and impossible to trust;
and forgive us every disunity in the Church

                                                    LORD HAVE MERCY …

Forgive us when we are not faithful to God’s trust in us,
when we do not endure but give up too easily

                                                    CHRIST HAVE MERCY …

Pardon us for neglecting our relationship with Jesus Christ,
                             for being afraid to acknowledge him before others,
for our sense of superiority before Christians of other traditions

                                                    LORD HAVE MERCY …

PRIEST:        May God pardon us,
                                     bind us to himself in love,
                                             and loose us from our sins,
                           bringing us to everlasting life…


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