19th Sunday of the Year A

PRIEST:    We have powerful images presented to us this morning: the prophet meeting God on the mountain; Paul willing to lose salvation if only his Jewish people would embrace His Lord;  and Peter walking towards Jesus on the storm tossed sea.  Powerful images that speak to us of the power of faith and prayer.  We have come to meet the living God in this Eucharist:  let us like Peter be aware of our weakness and bring that weakness before God with a repentant heart.

READER:     For not making space in our busy lives to listen
                          to the whispering voice of God deep within us;
for too often not having the faith really to pray…

                                                      LORD HAVE MERCY …

For the times we lack the faith to trust in the God who calls us;
                           When we do not have the courage
                           to ‘launch out over the deep’, risking for God…

                                                      CHRIST HAVE MERCY …

For the weakness of our faith when the storms overwhelm us;
                            for the ways we no longer gaze upon the Lord who holds us
                            in the darkest hour and most fearful turmoil

                                                      LORD HAVE MERCY …

PRIEST:         May the God of Compassion come to us in every storm of guilt,  and bring us peace;
                           may the Risen Lord draw close to us in our weakness and heal our fears with his mercy;
                           may the Holy Spirit whisper deep within our hearts the forgiveness
                          that brings us peace beyond all understanding;
                                      and may God raise us all to everlasting life…


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