18th Sunday of the Year A

PRIEST:    We celebrate today a Jesus who is the answer not only to all humanity’s hunger for God and  meaning,  but also hunger for hope of a full life,  for justice and dignity.  And when the people voice their hunger, he tells his disciples to give them food.  We celebrate our Mass while millions of our sisters and brothers do not have enough to eat the countless numbers of children suffer malnutrition. It is unthinkable that we should share the Bread of the Eucharist while refusing to share the bread of our tables. Let us confess our selfishness that wants to send people away to look elsewhere for what we have in abundance! Let us repent of a society and a system that keeps our brothers and sisters in poverty, homeless and hungry…

READER:       For the ways we turn aside from the great problems of our world
                            persuading ourselves that they are other people’s business,
                            and so avoiding our responsibility

                                         LORD HAVE MERCY …

For the times we protect what we have from those in real need,
                           and try to look the other way,
                           or deafen our hearts to the cries of the earth’s poor

                                         CHRIST HAVE MERCY …

When we feel defeated by the enormity of the problems
                           and so do not give of our little and poverty,
                           not trusting that God will use our little gifts to work miracles

                                         LORD HAVE MERCY …

PRIEST:       Father of life,
                         break for us the Bread of forgiveness that is Your Son Jesus;
                         and transform our poor love into the generosity of Your Spirit,
                         bringing us and all humanity to everlasting life


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