This prayer off offered to all who are unable to receive Holy Communion during this Coronavirus pandemic. May it help us to recognise the Risen Christ, our Emmanuel, God always with us, reaching into the ‘locked rooms’ of our isolation and binding us together in Him, whom we know Risen from the Dead in the Breaking of the Bread

Jesus, my Brother and Lord,
I recognise you  present with me
in the Breaking of the Bread and the sharing of the Cup,
in this most holy Sacrament of Your Body and Blood.
I love you Who come to me in the poverty of this bread and wine
and desire with all my heart to receive you into the core of my being.
It hurts that I cannot at this time eat Your Body and drink Your Blood,
but I truly believe you do come to me in all fulness.
For Your love unites me spiritually with my Eucharistic Community,
with Your whole Body, the Church.
I believe nothing can separate me from Your love.
I thank you with all my being that I am now one with you
and my  sisters and brothers in Your Church
through this Holy Eucharist.
Praise to You, my Food and my Love, my Brother and my Lord!


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