PRIEST:         Today, we celebrate Jesus as the new Moses:  the chosen one of God who gives us a New Law, but a ‘Law’ that takes us beyond Law and invites us to grow an ever wider love. We are called to go beyond relationships that inflict pain and the anarchy of shattered community and embrace a wholly new standard of human behaviour and a new quality of healing relationships.  It is the journey from a legalism that kills to the Divine Law of Love that brings both freedom and community.  Let us allow God to free and heal us by his law of forgiveness…

READER:      For all forms of legalism in the Church that diminishes God’s People,
                           and hides the freedom of the Gospel

                                            LORD HAVE MERCY …

For seeking freedom without responsibility, freedom without caring,
                             for that lawlessness which is a denial to love,
                             that refuses to respect the dignity or rights of others

                                            CHRIST HAVE MERCY …

For the limits we place on our loving,
                             for hurting those who are close to us
                             and ignoring the plight of those who are far from us

                                            LORD HAVE MERCY …

PRIEST:     May the God, whose law it is to forgive, embrace us with mercy;
                       May the Redeemer, who fulfils the Law by his Love,
                                        heal and reconcile us;
                       May the Spirit, who breathes life and unites us,
                                        set us free to live the Law of Love;
                        and bring us all to everlasting life…


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