PRIEST:        We gather to proclaim our faith in the Resurrection, which alone gives meaning to today’s Celebration: for we come to be with the ‘Living who have Died’. Our love for those who have ‘gone before us marked with the sign of faith’, is matched by our trust in mercy so freely given by our God. Therefore, we too can have the courage to recognise our own sinfulness.

READER:              Father,  you sent your Son to die  on the Cross and
to win forgiveness for us and for all people,
                                   so with confidence we cry…

                                                                        LORD HAVE MERCY

Lord Jesus, you are the Lamb of God…
you are the sacrifice that takes away the sin of the world,
so with faith we cry…

                                                                        CHRIST HAVE MERCY

Holy Spirit, you are the love and power
that raised Jesus to life on Easter morning;
we believe and therefore we know that we will not die but live forever,
so with hope we cry…

                                                                        LORD HAVE MERCY

PRIEST:        May the God of all Life embrace us and all the dead with his mercy,
                          may Jesus, the Lamb of Sacrifice, grant us forgiveness,
                          may the Holy Spirit send us to our world as bearers
                          of Reconciliation and Hope,
                          to bring us and all the faithful departed to everlasting life…




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