PRIEST: ‘Who is our neighbour?’ Jesus is asked in today’s Gospel.  ‘Wrong question!’ is Jesus reply. You are to be the neighbour, he says, to everyone, and especially the most wounded.  A very timely parable given the closing of borders to Refugee brothers sisters around the world, as we see a despised foreigner being the neighbour to the wounded man.  Jesus the Samaritan carer challenges us to place the wounded world at the very centre of our worship and our vision of God.  Perhaps our willingness to be involved in the pain and struggle of the world is the true measure of our love and worship of God.

READER:       When fear causes us to pass by on the other side of the road,
                             and we will not touch the wounds and pain of another…

                                                         LORD HAVE MERCY

When we seek to find comfort in worshipping God
                              while neglecting to tend the hurting body of the Lord
                              on our streets and among the starving…

                                                         CHRIST HAVE MERCY

When our words and actions hurt others,
                               when we make victims of others and cause suffering instead of healing…

                                                         LORD HAVE MERCY

PRIEST:      May the God of Compassion touch us with his mercy;
                        may Jesus our Samaritan Brother lift us up with
                                          his forgiveness and new life;
                         may the Spirit of healing be poured out like generous oil `
                                            and joyful wine;
                          and bring us all to everlasting life…

                                                         LORD HAVE MERCY!

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