PRIEST:     Today,  God’s word challenges us to take up our mission: Jesus calls us and sends us just as he did the Seventy Two so long ago.  We are all called to labour in His harvest of salvation. And there is an urgency in His words,  asking of us a single-minded determination to offer the world the Gospel of peace,  the Good News of Life.  Today’s Mass encourages us to form a missionary community, a ‘Parish in communion for mission’, giving ourselves for those who do not join us week by week.  Do we take up the challenge of Jesus?

READER:                For the times and ways that God sends us
                                      but we find excuses for not going,  not doing what he asks…

                                                               LORD HAVE MERCY

Whenever we bring strife rather than peace to another’s home;
                                       when our presence, actions and words are hurting
                                       rather than healing for another…

                                                               CHRIST HAVE MERCY

For spending more energy on preserving the Church
                                       than proclaiming the Gospel;
                                       for carrying unnecessary baggage of the past, hindering us
                                       from bringing the Good News of Jesus to today’s people

                                                               CHRIST HAVE MERCY

PRIEST:                     May the God of outreaching love forgive our fears;
                                        may Jesus who came to bring Life in all its fullness
                                        have mercy on our narrowness;
                                        may the Holy Spirit be purifying fire in our hearts
                                        to empower us for the mission of Peace,
                                         and bring us and our world to everlasting life…


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