Priest Do you believe in the Creator Spirit given by the Father?

PEOPLE    We believe that God breathed the Spirit over the chaos
                       at the dawning of creation;
                       that the Spirit hovered over the dark waters and
                       brought forth Light and creation’s order and beauty.
… And so we will reverence all creation and
care for our earth and fragile environment.

Priest Do you believe in the Spirit of Love flowing from the Heart of Christ?

PEOPLE    We believe that God overshadowed Mary
                       so that Jesus’ flesh was conceived in the Holy Spirit;
                       that God anointed Jesus with the Spirit in the Jordan River
                       for a life of Loving Service of the Kingdom – of love in word and action;
                       and that from His broken Heart on the Cross
                       Jesus poured forth the Water of the Spirit upon all humankind
…. And so we will share the Mission of Christ,
                       welcome the Spirit’s Gifts and
                       work with Jesus in the Power of His Spirit for the Kingdom.

Priest Do you believe in the Spirit that unites us and leads us into all truth?

PEOPLE     We believe that from all eternity the Spirit
                         has united the Father and the Son in a Trinity of Love;
                         that the Spirit brought the Church to birth
                         in a ferment of Mission and Praise;
                         that the Spirit challenges the People of God in every age and place
                         to be the One Loving Body of Christ;
                         that the Spirit through the ages guides His People to proclaim
                         the Truth that is Christ with greater courage and deeper insight.
… And so we will seek the new ways of the Spirit
                         for the Church in our time;
                         to unite all God’s People that together we might Proclaim the Gospel
                         with a renewed Power to the world of the Third Millennium.

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