Fourth Sunday of the Year C – Penitential Rite

PRIEST: We celebrate the Prophet of a Love that knows no limits! He challenges us in today’s Gospel to love the stranger, those different from us, teaching us compassion and generosity of heart: Gospel values so necessary for our own age.  Are our parishes, our homes and our communities truly places of welcome where the ‘stranger’ can become the ‘friend’, where the ‘excluded’ can ‘belong’ – communities where the Gospel will be seen in action?

READER: When our hearts and communities are filled
with more hostility than hospitality…


When our welcome is superficial and cold, when we refuse
to share or build a justice that will set another free…


When we are afraid to listen with compassion,
or accept another without judgement;
When our love is offered only to our own…


PRIEST: May the God of Limitless Love pardon us that we may learn how to forgive; May Jesus the Prophet forgive and challenge every narrowness of mind and heart; May the Spirit enfold us in mercy and enflame us with Divine Love; and so bring us to everlasting life…


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