Third Sunday of the Year

PRIEST: We celebrate today the dramatic beginning of Jesus’ ministry … ‘with the power of the Spirit in him’ he returns to his home synagogue,  to proclaim the New Age that his life and ministry, his death and resurrection bring to the world – a New Age of equality and justice,  of freedom and partnership.  We are the Body of Christ,  bearers and makers of this New Age in our own land and our own century.  As we begin our Eucharist,  let us ask ourselves whether or not this text is indeed being fulfilled in our lives and our Church today even as we listen…

READER: ‘Sent to bring Good News to the Poor’ …
are we Good News to the poor of our Inner City,
of our nation, or our world?

                                   LORD HAVE MERCY

‘Sent to bring new sight to the blind’ …
are we quick to see other’s blindness and heard hearts,
                        and slow to be honest about our own?

                                   CHRIST HAVE MERCY

‘Sent to give liberty to captives’ …
                         do we avoid those held captive in their woundedness;
                         do we care about how prisoners are treated,
or their families cope?

                                   LORD HAVE MERCY

PRIEST: May the God who has chosen to dwell among the poor
                           have pity on the poverty of our love;
                   May the Redeemer who raises the downtrodden
                           set us free with forgiveness;
                  May the Spirit who sends us with Power to heal our world,
                           anoint us with life-giving mercy;
                  and bring us all to everlasting life…


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