PRIEST:       We celebrate today the Feast of Holiness – our call and our destiny to be a people of the Spirit,  a people of holiness.  All the Saints,  those known and those unknown,  those raised to the Altars of the Church,  and those whom we have known in our lives and our parish family:  all the saints are given to us to help us on our journey of holiness. Rejoicing as we do in all the ‘ordinary’ people who have loved’, we are challenged to reflect upon the nature of holiness in our contemporary world. Let us seek forgiveness and mercy that we may journey to Christ with all the saints…

READER:      Holiness is about being thoroughly human:
                           for the ways we have been inhuman and insensitive to each other
for the ways we have not cared for justice, cared for our world,…

                                                LORD HAVE MERCY…

                           Holiness is about loving with one’s whole being:
                           for the ways we have avoided the challenge and the pain
                          of loving too much;
for not changing our life-styles to bring healing
                          to our ‘Common Home’, the planet we share

                                                CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

                         Holiness is about welcoming the mercy of God in the midst of our weakness:
                        for failing to forgive or be forgiven

                                                LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:       May the God of Holiness fill us with His Peace,
                        may the God of Life embrace our every wound with His mercy,
                       may the God of our Humanity set us free to find happiness in holiness;
                     and bring us all with the Saints to everlasting life


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