PRIEST:           We are made for faithfulness – to live our relationships with commitment and love. For God made us to need each other, and to complete each other. Yet our world finds it so difficult to say ‘forever’! As Christians we are called, in all our weakness, to echo God’s ‘forever’ in all our relationships. We are the People of the Covenant – covenanted to a Faithful God. Let us confess the ways we are unfaithful.

READER:         When we are unfaithful to God,
                              neglecting to listen to him in Word and in Silence,
not trusting him in the hard days and long nights

                                                        LORD HAVE MERCY …

When we are unfaithful to Creation,
polluting and damaging our earth
                              because of our greed and consumerism

                                                        CHRIST HAVE MERCY …

When we are unfaithful to each other,
by not valuing our families or our friends,
by not listening to the cries of the poor,
by not building up the Body of Christ in love

                                                        LORD HAVE MERCY …

PRIEST:          May God, faithful and merciful,
                            lead us along paths of forgiveness to
                                  a deeper fidelity,
                                          a more profound  compassion,
                                                  a more merciful generosity,
                            and bring us all to everlasting life


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