PRIEST: ‘Death was not God’s doing’  … these words from today’s first reading reverberate throughout our Liturgy. They also challenge us about our attitude to the destruction of the species of creatures with whom we share the planet, the reality of war, violence and the arms trade. We particularly see Jesus giving Life and opposing death in raising Jairus’s daughter – we see Jesus opposing the life-denying rules of purity that shut out a sick women. And He comes overflowing with the power of life. As the Church, we are challenged to be like Jesus and overflow with life-giving power in the Holy Spirit. Let us bring all that is death – not of God’s doing – that we find in us to the  Mercy of God.

READER:        When our presence is not life-giving, healing and compassionate
when we diminish another rather than raise them up

                                                  LORD HAVE MERCY …

When we do not share the generosity of Christ,
when we live selfishly, thinking of ourselves and our own only

                                                  CHRIST HAVE MERCY …

When we ignore the plight of the exploited fellow creatures,
when we fail to listen to the cries of our Common Home!
when our touch hurts rather than heals

                                                  LORD HAVE MERCY …

PRIEST:           May the God of Life heal the death of sin we carry within us;
                             may Jesus overflow with mercy’s power to forgive;
                             may the Holy Spirit empower us to heal and reconcile
                                              and bring us all to everlasting life…


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