PRIEST:    The Word of God is so rich for us today – God speaking to Job from the heart of the Tempest about humanity’s ‘proud waves’ breaking upon the rock of God’s love; the Psalm assuring us that He rescues us from our distress; St Paul speaking of Christ’s overwhelming love that makes us a New Creation; and Jesus bringing us the great Good News that he is there at the very centre of our every storm and turmoil – bringing us peace and healing. Let us allow the Love of Christ to overwhelm our sin with mercy, our storms with healing and so make us a new creation!  

READER:           When we do not recognise God at the heart of inner tempests
when we resist God’s call to enter the peace of his mercy

                                                        LORD HAVE MERCY…

When we doubt God’s love, despite Christ’s Cross of Love;
when we will not let go of the past
                                 and allow something new to emerge and grow

                                                     CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

When we doubt when the turmoil comes;
when we no longer believe and trust
                                 because we are buffeted and hurt

                                                         LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:      May the God of the storm bring peace to our hearts;
                        may the Redeemer who died for us make us a New Creation
                                      by his mercy and forgiveness;
                       may the mighty wind of the Spirit still our troubled minds
                                     and bring us all to everlasting life…


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