PRIEST:      We have begun our journey of these 40 days of Lent – like Jesus we enter into the desert to face the demons of our own hearts – demons of selfishness and of comfort,  of greed and exploitation.  Having overcome them, like Noah overcame the flood-tide of evil, Jesus shares the Good News of the New Life that is possible for all who repent and change.  That is why Lent is Good News – the time has come for us to change and become more alive!… and more life-giving! Let us make this lent truly a Springtime of new growth, new beginnings, recreation in the midst of a world devastated by Covid and Climate Change.

READER:             Jesus remains in the wilderness,
                                        to confront the demons of the world’s sin …
so often we are afraid to enter the wilderness of our hearts
                                  and confront honestly what we find within us

                                                       LORD HAVE MERCY …

Jesus welcomed the touch of God ministered by the angels

… too often our closed minds and hearts fail to welcome
the comforting and healing angels that God sends to us

                                                       CHRIST HAVE MERCY …

Jesus leaves the wilderness to proclaim Gospel repentance …
we can be afraid of change in ourselves, and even more afraid
                                  of challenging our society to change its injustice and poverty

                                                       LORD HAVE MERCY …

PRIEST:     May the God who calls us to the desert of his love
                                        embrace us with mercy;
                        may the Redeemer who walks our path of temptation
                                        forgive us and heal our sin;
                         may the Spirit change our hearts and give us the joy of repentance;
                        and bring us and all the world to everlasting life


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