PRIEST:  On this Peace Sunday we listen to John the Baptist pointing to Jesus that we might follow him closely, for to walk his path of truth and love is to become his light in a world darkened by war, conflict and divisions.  We are called to ‘come and see’ how Jesus lives, and walk close with him all our days. Then we become true Disciples and Servants of God bringing the hope of peace and justice to the nations. But how can we be true disciples and bearers of peace if  in our own lives or in God’s Church there are petty warring, conflicts and divisions.  Let us embrace the Lord’s forgiveness, that he may heal the wounds of division in His Body, the Church and build peace upon the earth.

READER:        When we give up hope that Peace is possible;
When we do not shine Light into the evil of oppression around us…

                                               LORD HAVE MERCY…

                               When we choose evil rather than good
choose silence rather than protest;
leave the darkness of evil unchallenged by the Light of Truth..

                                               CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

                                When we will not serve but rather selfishly demand;
when we will not model ourselves upon Jesus, Light of the Nations;
when we will not sacrifice for peace as Jesus the Lamb of God does…

                                               LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:       May the God of perfect Peace, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
                         fill us with mercy, clothe us with forgiveness,
                         and empower us with reconciliation,
                        that together we may build a world of unity and peace,
                        bringing all to everlasting life…


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