PRIEST:    As we come to this last Sunday of our Liturgical Year, we celebrate Jesus Christ, King of all Creation. We celebrate the One who came with a dream for the world, for the Universe – a dream of creation alive with divine love, drawn together in the deepest Unity in Christ. We celebrate our Shepherd-King who identifies Himself with the poor and excluded of our world and who laid down His life on the Cross to make this Dream a reality. On this great Feast, which is also National Youth Sunday, we rejoice in the gift of  our young people who are called to make the Dream of God a reality for the world. So we ask ourselves:  does Jesus reign in our hearts and in our lives? Do we share His Dream with our young people and draw them joyfully to serve His Kingdom? Does the quality of our loving reveal the Servant and Shepherd King to our wounded world? Do we serve each other and our suffering planet in the name of our King?

READER:       Father, your Spirit prays within us ‘Your Kingdom Come…’,
                             When we do not seek and serve first the Coming of Your Kingdom
A Kingdom Justice, Love and Peace

                                                       LORD HAVE MERY …

                             Jesus, our Servant-King, from your heart flowed living water,
                             well-spring of our love and healing for our wounds:
                             wash us clean of our compromises,
                             that we may live your Gospel and build your Kingdom…

                                                       CHRIST HAVE MERY …

                             Holy Spirit, come and refresh our wearied hearts and tired bodies,
                             that we may once more live the challenge of the Kingdom,
                             becoming each day your New Creation
listening always to the cry of the Earth, the cries of the Poor,…

                                                       LORD HAVE MERY …

PRIEST:           Lord God, Trinity of Love and source of Life,
                             touch us with the mercy of Your Kingdom,
                             work in our hearts, renewing our lives,
                             and lead us in the ways of the Beatitudes:
                             heal our blindness that we may see,
                             cleanse our hearts that we may love,
                             and renew our dedication
                            that we may work for the coming of Your Kingdom upon the earth
                            bringing us and all the world to everlasting life…


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