PRIEST: Today Jesus continues his ‘Parables of the Kingdom’. They nearly all speak of the Kingdom growing from tiny beginnings to quite immense and transforming proportions. And as He speaks of wheat and weeds growing up together, He teaches us to be accepting of brokenness, failure, and ambiguities in others and in ourselves. Jesus combines the most demanding ideals with the most profound patience.  Let us welcome his mercy into the areas of our darkness.

READER:        For every intolerance of another’s weakness or failure,
                             for the judgments and condemnations we harbour in our hearts

                                                   LORD HAVE MERCY…

For our impatience with ourselves and our lack of self-acceptance,
                              that diminishes our freedom for love

                                                   CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

Because of the Lord’s great patience with us,
seeking our growth in freedom and peace

                                                   LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:      May the Father of compassion forgive us;
                        may Jesus our Redeemer reconcile us and grant us peace;
                        may the Spirit heal us and set us free with mercy;
                        and may our God bring us and all creation to everlasting life…


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