PRIEST:     Today, Jesus both warns and comforts his disciples: he warns us that if we take the Gospel seriously, then like him we shall experience opposition, even persecution; and he comforts us that whatever happens, we are precious in the eyes of our God and he will protect us – our eternity is safe, even if we suffer for the Truth now. Do we trust God when things go wrong – do we trust God when we are hurt doing the work of God?

READER:     When we risk little for the Kingdom of God,
when we prefer safety and respectability
                           rather than faithfulness to  the Jesus who takes risks

                                              LORD HAVE MERCY…

When we are slow to trust God when things go wrong,
when we fail to recognise God protecting us and caring for us

                                              CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

For all the hidden corruption in our hearts,
for the things we are afraid to expose to the light of day
for being afraid of God’s gaze, which is all forgiveness

                                              LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:       May the God, who holds us precious, pardon us;
                         May Jesus, the Second Adam, who died for us, forgive us;
                         May the Spirit, who renews and strengthens, heal us
                          and bring us all to everlasting life…


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