Fifth Sunday of Easter Year A

PRIEST:    Jesus Christ is risen among us … to be our Way, our Truth and our Life.  And His Way is a journey of service to the poor;  His Truth is freedom for the broken and despairing;  His Life is healing and hope for a fractured world.  Like the seven Deacons, whose appointment we hear of today, we too are called to do the works of love that is Christ’s Mission today.  Let us repent of the occasions when we fail to be good servants of the Kingdom.

READER:       Jesus is the Way…
when we follow our own ways
                             and do not walk humbly with him

                                               LORD HAVE MERCY

Jesus is the Truth…
when we fail to listen to His Gospel that sets us free,
                              and prefer the world’s hollow truths that enslave  

                                               CHRIST HAVE MERCY

Jesus is the Life…
when we do not reverence the life of every person, of all creation,
                               when we do not love enough to give others
new life and new hope

                                               LORD HAVE MERCY

PRIEST:          May the God of all compassion lead us in His peace
                            that we might walk his Way;
                            free us with His mercy
                            that we might proclaim His liberating truth
                            and restore us in his love
                            that we might live always as signs of his love;
                            and bring us and our world to everlasting life…


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