PRIEST:    We gather today to celebrate Resurrection, and like the Emmaus disciples have a story to tell. But our story is our experience of Jesus in the Church and in the broken bread of Word and Eucharist. So at this moment in the Church’s story, we once again recognise Him in the Breaking of Bread. Whenever the Bread of Friendship, Bread of Love, Bread of Justice is broken and shared, He is Risen and among us.  Let us seek forgiveness when our love is too shallow to recognise Him with us.

READER:     When we fail to stand alongside each other in the painful days,
and our eyes are closed to the Christ in each other

                                                   LORD HAVE MERCY …

When we do not value the Eucharist,
                            when we neglect the Word of God in the Bible,
and so limit our understanding and love of Him

                                                   CHRIST HAVE MERCY …

When we are so slow to bear witness before others to our Risen Christ;
                             when we hide our faith from others’ gaze
                             and do not invite them to eat of the Broken Bread of Life

                                                   LORD HAVE MERCY …

PRIEST:       May the God of all compassion
                         who stands with us in our every grief of sin
                         bring us peace and mercy,
                         and open our eyes to know that we are forgiven and reconciled
                        in the power of the Risen Christ,
                        who brings us and all creation to everlasting life…


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