PRIEST:  This is the Night of the Passover Supper, the night Jesus promised to remain always among his beloved friends in the Broken Bread of Life and the Shared Cup of Love. At this Last Supper he shared the deep vision of His Heart with us: dreaming of a people who served, not dominated, lived by trust, not by false security … let us ask forgiveness when we have not lived our His vision, shared His love, given His peace….

READER:    This night Jesus said to us:
                          “Love one another as I have loved you” …
whenever we have hurt another by our words,
neglected another by our selfishness,
                          saddened another by the coldness of our hearts….
                                            LORD HAVE MERCY…

This night Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, and said to us:
                           “You should wash each other’s feet” …
                            when we and God’s Church seek to dominate rather than to serve,
                             to protect ourselves rather than stand with the poor and oppressed,
                             stand aloof from the world
rather than be involved with a servant’s love…

                                            CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

This night Jesus prayed:
                               “Father, may they always be one, as you and I are one” …
                                for every sin of disunity, for every complacency with divisions,
                                for every resistance to change in the search for unity in the Body of Christ.

                                            LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:    On this night of Passover, may the Father unite us in forgiveness,
                      may Jesus our Brother and Servant Lord
                      … be the Lamb of God taking our sins away,
                      may the Holy Spirit be the fire of healing love in each of our hearts,
                      and bring us all everlasting life….


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