FEAST OF CANDLEMAS (when Blessing of Candles is after the Homily

PRIEST: Today we greet Jesus, the Light of the World, just as Simeon and Anna did in the Temple all those centuries ago. He came fulfilling not their hopes alone, but the hopes of all humanity, of every people. Today we also affirm our young people in their decision to accept Confirmation. May they and we open our hearts, allow the Saviour to enter with Light into the Temple of our own lives. May they and we welcome His Light to shine into our own inner darkness, that we might become bearers of His Light into a world darkened by fear and the threat of war.

READER:        Because we prefer the darkness of our own selfishness
to the light of generous love and caring

                                             LORD HAVE MERCY…

Because we prefer the darkness of injustice and inequality
when we benefit and profit
to the light of freedom and fair sharing of resources

                                             CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

Because we prefer the darkness of unforgiveness,
criticism and condemnation
to the light of mercy, compassion and an understanding heart

                                              LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:         May the God who is more ready to forgive
                           than we are ready to be forgiven,
                           shine into our darkened lives
                           with the Light of Mercy, Healing and Forgiveness,
                           and bring us all to everlasting life


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