[NB During this Penitential Rite, the figures of the wise men, the Magi, are brought for ward and placed in the Crib]

PRIEST:    The Wisdom of God has guided each of us here today, as surely as the Magi’s Star:  for we too are pilgrims on a journey searching for wisdom,  walking by faith and yearning in hope for the peace for our world.  We gather to offer our gifts,  our talents and our very selves on this feast of the Epiphany,  the Manifestation of Christ’s Redeeming Light to all the Nations of the world, the glory of the Father’s infinite Mercy to all creation.  Let us find in the Wise Men inspiration to give all we are in the service of the Light of Christ’s Good News.

READER:    We welcome the wisdom of the Gift of Gold…
                          our love given to Christ our King:
may we so grow in love that we can offer the world
                          Christ’s healing, justice and New Life…

                                        O … ADORAMUS TE DOMINE [x2]

We welcome the wisdom of the Gift of Frankincense…
our worship for our God in human flesh:
                           may we so grow in prayer that we will find strength
and inspiration to shine before the world with Christ’s Light…

                                        O … ADORAMUS TE DOMINE [x2]

We welcome the wisdom of the Gift of Myrrh…
our share in the passion of Christ for the salvation of our world:
                             may we so grow in his sacrificial love
that we may place the demands of the Kingdom
                             before our own desires and wants…

                                        O … ADORAMUS TE DOMINE [x2]

PRIEST:      May our God forgive the coldness of our love,
                        the poverty of our prayer,
                        the shallowness of our sacrifice;
                        that we may shine with the splendour of Christ’s Light,
                        and journey with Gospel Wisdom to everlasting life…


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