19th Sunday Year C

PRIEST: Today we celebrate our faith in Christ Jesus: we look to Abraham as our Father in Faith who risked all to journey an unknown path to an unknown land;  and we watch for Jesus to come in the unexpected moments, the dark hours of lonely night;  and in the most unlikely events and people.  Faith challenges us to gaze with honesty into our hearts and ask ourselves: ‘What is my real treasure? – faith in Jesus, or something far less?’ As we recognise the poverty of our love for Him, let us also recognise the wealth of His mercy towards us…

READER:     For the times when our inner darkness overwhelms our faith
and we lose sight of our Christ, we cry for your mercy…

                                                    LORD HAVE MERCY

For the times when we are afraid to risk new adventures of faith
new challenges to serve and to love, we cry for your mercy…

                                                    CHRIST HAVE MERCY

For the times we do not watch with prayer, wait with longing,
                          hold another with love and welcome Jesus, we cry for your mercy…

                                                    LORD HAVE MERCY

PRIEST:        May the God of Abraham call our hearts to journey
                                      the pilgrimage of forgiveness;
                           may Jesus, the one who comes, come with mercy
                                      into the night of our sin and fears;
                           may the Spirit stir our hearts to watch with longing love
                                      for the touch of divine peace;
                           and bring us all to everlasting life…


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