Feast of the Ascension

PRIEST:    Today we celebrate our Mission as a Church – for Jesus sends us out to the whole world to be his witnesses. Today we celebrate Jesus enthroned as our King,  as he goes up to his throne with shouts of Joy and in the Cloud of divine Presence.  Today we celebrate the immensity of our human dignity,  as in Jesus our High Priest, our human flesh is taken up into the Holy of Holies of God’s presence,  into the eternal sanctuary with God.  Today is a day of great rejoicing  and Jesus’ great trust in us.  Let us empty our hearts of the sin that limits our joy.

READER:                        For the fears and narrowness of vision
                                             that stop us being a missionary community…

                                                                           LORD HAVE MERCY

When we claim Jesus as our King,
                                              but fail to walk his Royal way of love,
                                              fail to give him first priority in our lives…

                                                                           CHRIST HAVE MERCY

Whenever another human person is abused,
                                              their dignity ignored or diminished;
                                              for leaving our brothers and sisters to starve of food or freedom

                                                                           LORD HAVE MERCY

PRIEST:    May the God who calls us to eternal glory
                             transfigure our every weakness
                      May Jesus our High Priest clothe us
with the mercy 
he has won for us by his blood;
                      May the Spirit who dwells in every human heart
                              heal each wound that diminishes us;
                      and bring us all to everlasting life…


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